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Are you ready to take your Excel skills to the next level? Welcome to the Advanced Excel Mastery Course, the definitive program designed to transform you into an Excel expert. Whether you're a professional looking to supercharge your career or an Excel enthusiast eager to unlock its full potential, this course is your gateway to mastering one of the most powerful tools in the business world.

Join us today and embark on your journey to Excel mastery. Enroll now and unlock the full potential of Excel! .

Course duration: 18 Hours | Required study hours: 25 to 30 hours.

Training Mode : Online live interactive – Instructor led training program | Personalized 1 to 1 Program

Includes : Mock Exams | Certificates | Exam Application Assistance

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    The advanced Excel course is open to individuals with a solid understanding of basic Excel functionalities, including formulae, formatting, and data entry.
    Participants should possess intermediate data manipulation skills, such as sorting and filtering, to effectively engage with more complex data tasks covered in the course.
    Basic familiarity with creating charts and graphs is beneficial.
    A willingness to learn and a professional interest in enhancing data analysis and automation abilities using Excel are essential prerequisites for this course.


    Module 1 : Advanced Formulae and Functions
    1.1 Nested Functions and Formulas
    1.2 Array Formulas and Functions
    1.3 Lookup and Reference Functions (VLOOKUP, HLOOKUP, INDEX-MATCH).
    1.4 Logical Functions (IF, AND, OR, etc.)
    1.5 Date and Time Functions (DATE, TIME, TODAY, etc.)
    1.6 Text Functions (CONCATENATE, MID, LEFT, RIGHT, etc.)
    1.7 Financial Functions (NPV, IRR, PMT, etc.)
    1.8 Error Handling and Debugging

    Module 2 : Data Visualization and Charting
    2.1 Data Visualization and Charting
    2.2 Customizing Chart Elements (Title, Axis Labels, Legends)
    2.3 Dynamic Charts and Data Labels
    2.4 Trendlines and Data Analysis
    2.5 Sparklines and Data Bars
    2.6 Sparklines and Data Bars
    2.7 Sparklines and Data Bars

    Module 3 : Pivot Tables and Power Query
    3.1. Creating and Customizing Pivot Tables
    3.2 Using Slicers and Timelines with Pivot Tables
    3.3 Calculated Fields and Measures.
    3.4 Power Query Introduction and Data Import
    3.5 Transforming Data with Power Query
    3.6 Merging and Appending Data
    3.7 Data Cleaning and Shaping Techniques

    Module 4 : Advanced Data Analysis
    4.1 Advanced Statistical Functions (AVERAGEIF, COUNTIF, etc.)
    4.2 Goal Seek and Scenario Manager
    4.3 Solver for Optimization
    4.4 What-If Analysis with Data Tables
    4.5 Using Regression Analysis
    4.6 Descriptive Statistics and Histograms
    4.7 Correlation and Covariance

    Module 5 : Macros and Automation with VBA
    5.1 Introduction to Macros and VBA
    5.2 Recording and Editing Macros
    5.3 Writing Basic VBA Code
    5.4 Variables, Loops, and Conditional Statements
    5.5 User-Defined Functions (UDFs)
    5.6 Automating Repetitive Tasks with VBA
    5.7 Error Handling in VBA

    Module 6 : Advanced Data Validation and Protection
    6.1 Custom Data Validation Rules
    6.2 Dynamic Data Validation Lists
    6.3 Protecting Cells, Sheets, and Workbooks
    6.4 Workbook-Level Security and Password Protection
    6.5 Data Encryption and Digital Signatures
    6.6 Auditing and Tracing Precedents/Dependents

    Module 7 : Data Connectivity and External Sources
    7.1 Connecting to External Data Sources (Databases, Web, Text files)
    7.2 Data Consolidation from Multiple Sources
    7.3 Querying External Databases
    7.4 Importing Web Data
    7.5 Refreshing Data Connections
    7.6 Power Query for External Data

    Module 8 : Advanced Form Controls and User Forms
    8.1 Inserting Form Controls (Checkboxes, Option Buttons, etc.)
    8.2 Linked Form Controls for Dynamic Analysis
    8.3 Creating User Forms for Data Input
    8.4 Designing User Interfaces
    8.5 Adding Controls and Code to User Forms
    8.6 Data Validation and Error Handling in User Forms

    Module 9 : Collaboration and Sharing Features
    9.1 Track Changes and Comments
    9.2 Sharing Workbooks and Co-Authoring
    9.3 Version Control and Compare Workbooks
    9.4 Protecting Shared Workbooks
    9.5 Sharing Dashboards through SharePoint or OneDrive
    9.6 Collaboration Best Practices

    Module 10 : Advanced Tips, Tricks, and Efficiency Techniques
    10.1 Customizing Ribbon and Quick Access Toolbar
    10.2 Keyboard Shortcuts for Efficiency
    10.3 Advanced Copying and Pasting Techniques
    10.4 Handling Large Datasets and Performance Optimization
    10.5 Excel Tips for Productivity
    10.6 Troubleshooting and Error Resolution

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    Advanced Excel